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I am so thankful for BYCF. When I was struggling to get Christmas presents for my two girls I reached out and Mr. Singleton met with my girls and I. He brought each one of the bags of gifts and treated us to dinner at the girls favorite place, Chick-fil-a. The girls could not stop smiling and that truly warmed my heart


I meet Mr. Singleton from Bycf.He offered me toys for my kids which are two girls.He and his staff team delivered the toys to my kids.He offered to help.We are apart of the bible study.And now we are family.




I am very proud of you and your organization how you help the youth in your city. I read up on your progress just about every day and I'm proud that you are succeeding in your endeavors. Keep up the good work, looking forward to hearing about all that your organization is doing in the near future. Best of luck.

Freddy Dejarnette

Building Youth Christians Foundation is a great program for kids of all races and colors from 4yrs - 15yrs . My kids love the program, the founder in person of Mr. Roddy Singleton Sr is an amazing person who love every kid like his grandchildren.

The staffs are equally awesome and very welcoming. If you live in Gwinnett and its environments looking for after school program for your children, I strongly recommend BYCF. 

The Building Youth Christmas Foundation has been a lifeline for my family. When we were struggling to make ends meet, they provided us with essential furniture and clothing that we couldn't afford on our own. Their dedication to collecting and distributing donations has made a significant difference in our lives.

Jennifer s.

I am happy to know Mr. Roddy Singleton chairperson of BYCF.


Mr. Singleton is very devoted to the needs of our younger generation. His every thought is continuously on the betterment of BYCF because of the youth that he work with and always showing support in their personal life. Taking them on trips, movies, special events and supplying school supplies.

This organization benefits many children and I hope it will continue to grow.

Great Job.

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BYCF & Mr. Singleton are truly a blessing! I am very proud to have been apart of such a phenomenal program. Mr. Singleton is heaven sent and a huge inspiration. This organization is going to amazing heights and leading the younger generation to the next level. I would recommend any of BYCF's services to anyone in need. Thank you BYCF for inspiring me and helping my family and I when I didn't know where else to turn. God Bless :)

Najee M.

The generosity of the Building Youth Christmas Foundation has made a significant difference in our lives. They provided financial assistance during a difficult time, ensuring that our children had a memorable holiday season. We are forever grateful for their support." - John and Lisa M

John and Lisa M.

I have decided to become a part of BYCF because of its dedication to helping single parents and those in need! Being raised by a single parent, I know the importance of this foundation and the principle it is built upon!

Gary Brown

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