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My name is Roddy Singleton, Sr., Founder of Building Youth Christians Foundation. I am a mentor, coach, youth director, husband and father. I was born in Montgomery, AL and raised by a single parent, Mrs. Mary Singleton. My mother raised six children, and is no longer with us. I remember her saying to us, don't ever forget where you came from, and always do what God want you to do. She taught us to care about people, give from our heart, and always put God first in everything we do.

I have been coaching and mentoring children for over 40 years. I started out when my youngest son was old enough to hold a ball in his hands. I have coached middle and high school students through Georgia and Alabama Education System, Parks & Recreation, YMCA, and AAU programs. Through my foundation, I am providing a place where single parents' and their children can come and achieve things through Christ.

Thank you and may God be with us.


Mr. Roddy Singleton, Sr.

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